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Updates on our property development projects in Salzburg, Styria and across Austria.

Here we keep you up to date about our property development projects and also provide you with further offers. 

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Construction progress "SUNAPART Weißenbach" in September 2020

In our property development project in Weißenbach a further construction phase has been completed - the facade has been finished. For the first time the apartment complex now presents itself as it will look in the future. The interior work is also progressing according to plan. 🏠

Construction progress "SUNAPART Weißenbach" in July 2020

We are well on schedule with our property development project in the beautiful village of Weißenbach near Haus. The windows have already been glazed and installed, the screed has been laid and the raw installation completed. Currently we are working on the facade. There are still five apartments available. Two are on the first floor and the other three on the top floor. You can find more information about this under available apartments.

Completion "Chalet Village Ramsau" in July 2020

Now the time has finally come - our property development project "Chalet Village Ramsau" has been successfully implemented and completed. 18 exclusive apartments in a modern alpine architectural style have been created in a beautiful location from which the breathtaking mountain panorama can be enjoyed in all four directions. With the handing over of the apartments to the owners our work is done and the operating company Apart4you starts with the touristic rental of the apartments. Many thanks to all partner companies as well as helpers, who made our project a reality with all their energy!

Opening ceremony "Chalet Village Ramsau" in July 2020

Due to the corona, we initiated the opening of the Chalet Village in Ramsau in a smaller circle. The completed apartments were inspected and handed over to the owners. Beside a musical entertainment there were delicious delicacies and also one or the other noble drop of wine. The festive evening was crowned by a marriage proposal - in this sense, congratulations to the fiancée!

Construction progress "SUNAPART Weißenbach" in May 2020

The shell of our property development project "Sunapartments Weißenbach" in the middle of the Schladming-Dachstein region has already been completed. The roof is covered, the windows are installed and the raw installation is currently being worked on diligently. Of the nine residential units between 71.4 m2 and 148.2 m2 five are still for sale. More information about the available apartments can be found under available apartments

Construction progress "Chalet Village Ramsau" in May 2020 

Our work on the apartment complex "Chalet Village Ramsau" at Ramsau is drawing to a close and the opening ceremony is approaching. All residential units have already been sold, but those who would like to enjoy the Styrian hospitality in the beautiful Schladming-Dachstein region can book their holiday in one of the 18 exclusive apartments already now at

Construction progress "SUNAPART Weißenbach" in April 2020 

After resumption of the construction sites, the work in Weißenbach progressed quickly so that the roof truss is already finished. Due to Covid-19 we unfortunately have to give up our traditional celebration this time. However, we are toasting another successfully completed project phase in a small circle. 

Construction progress "SUNAPART Weißenbach" in March 2020

Our building works in Weissenbach near Haus were also brought to a standstill due to the situation around Covid-19. As soon as the situation has calmed down, however, we're looking forward to continuing to work on this project with fresh energy. We’ll be fully committed to ensuring that the schedule is met as far as possible. 

Here we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the doctors, nurses and retail staff etc. who are giving their all, despite the high risk of infection!

Construction progress "Chalet Village Ramsau" in March 2020

Our building in Ramsau has already taken shape. Unfortunately, we’re also affected by the current situation around Covid-19. Due to the Federal Government’s decree, and also to reduce the danger of the virus spreading, we have put construction on hold until further notice. A team spirit and solidarity is more important than ever at this time. 

In this regard, do stay at home and keep healthy!

Habitable containers for sale! 

Six containers, each divided into three residential units, stand out for their high level of usability. They can be used as living space as well as office or storage space. For sale are 2 x 3 containers. 

    • 8966 Aich (directly accessible from the Enns Valley B320 road)  
    • 20 feet per container (5.898 x 2.352 x 2.390)
    • bedroom with bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, refrigerator incl. window
  • bathroom with washbasin, shower, chest of drawers
    • WC
    • heating + electricity available
  • PRICE:
    • on request