Homeconcept GmbH operates as a traditional property developer in the area of the construction of subsidised freehold apartments and investment properties. On the one hand, we realise new and innovative projects on our own initiative, on the other on behalf of landowners. 

Range of services
  • Purchase of land 
  • Project planning
  • Project realisation 
  • Project sales and turnkey delivery
  • Support 
  • Assistance with financing and subsidy applications 

Our range of services extends from the purchase of land to project planning and realisation to project handover. At the same time, it’s important to us to remain in close contact with buyers and to respond to any customer requests. We’re naturally always available as a supportive contact partner. Our aim is to be able to offer you advice and illustrate what the best marketing options are for your property. 

Property development projects
  • Housing projects

On the one hand, we realise residential projects that buyers use as their own homes. Our focus is on the construction of high-quality, yet affordable, owner-occupied apartments in prime locations. Buyers can apply for subsidies that cannot be granted for private constructions. With our projects in Salzburg, our owners receive up to € 45,000 in direct subsidies.

  • Investor projects 

We’re also building apartments for investors that will be rented out to tourists after handover. On the one hand, owners have the chance of spending a certain period of time during the year in their own home in one of our most beautiful regions. On the other, they can earn money in their absence by renting their apartments to tourists via the operating company. The Apart4You operating company takes care of all responsibilities that arise during the rental process so that the apartment owner doesn’t have to worry about a thing. This turns owners into entrepreneurs, which of course also brings them some tax advantages.

Project planning (visualisation)

Project realisation      

Completion and handover